Live Cam

Our live web cam in The Lower Gardens shows you if the Bournemouth Balloon is flying.

During our flying season: If you see the balloon ascend and descend we are currently flying. If you cannot see the balloon at all this means that we are curretly flying.

If you can see the balloon envelope above the tree line but it does not move, wind conditions mean we are temporarily "High Moored" and not flying, but could resume flying within 2- 4 hours.

If you cannot see the balloon envelope above the tree line we are "Storm Moored" due to high winds but we could resume flying within the next 6-8 hours.

Call our Information Hotline 01202 314 539 to speak to our balloon staff for a prediction of when we may be flying next.


Not Flying

What does this mean?
Due to adverse weather conditions the balloon is not currently flying, existing ticket holders please call to arrange another booking.

S & D Leisure Ltd reserve the right to suspend or cancel flying at any time for operational or safety reasons


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