Balloon Facts

Designed and engineered by ground-breaking and award-winning Lindstrand Technologies, the Bournemouth Balloon was also inspected and certified as an aircraft by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in 2008.

Bournemouth Balloon flying dimensions

The Envelope

The envelope is the name for the large spherical balloon. At night it's illuminated by internal lights creating a stunning effect. It takes 5,575 cubic metres of inert helium gas to fully inflate the envelope and it has a surface area of 1,520 metres.

The Gondola

The impressive Gondola, an 8 sided annular ring is manufactured from aircraft quality stainless steel and has an indefinite life and is designed to allow passengers to walk around in around whilst preventing people bunching up during flight, it's essentially an octagonal donut shape!.

The Gondola allows every passenger (up to 28) an unhindered 360 degree panoramic view.

It is highly accessible and allows for a standard (lightweight) wheelchair.

An open weave viewing ports design ensures that the view for wheelchair users and small children is not obstructed.

Bournemouth Balloon flying dimensions


Not Flying

What does this mean?
Due to adverse weather conditions the balloon is not currently flying, existing ticket holders please call to arrange another booking.

S & D Leisure Ltd reserve the right to suspend or cancel flying at any time for operational or safety reasons


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