The balloon

Let your imagination soar as you experience Bournemouth in a whole new way from the gondola of a giant helium balloon!

Presented by S&D Leisure, the Bournemouth Balloon is a spherical helium-filled balloon with an enclosed gondola designed to carry 25-28 passengers. Tethered by a steel cable, the Balloon will gently float 500 feet above the beautiful Lower Gardens.

Riders will be enchanted with a spectacular panoramic view of the English Channel and surrounding area for up to 20 miles from the highest public observation point in Bournemouth.

Children and adults alike will enjoy the breath-taking sights by day or our illuminated night time flights, which create a unique romantic atmosphere providing the perfect way to highlight your visit to Bournemouth.

The operators

S&D Leisure Europe Ltd (S&D) has been established over 40 years. The company is a highly flexible Leisure and attraction organisation and event operator. Our skills and experience range from the simple supply of a specific item (for example an amusement ride, a specialist hospitality bar and even high specification event conveniences) to the delivery and operation of an entire event.

The multi million pound business is family owned and operated and supported by a permanent network of over 30 technical staff in our Manchester storage and construction facility and our Bournemouth operational facility.

Our business roots emanate from the showmen's industry of travelling amusement operators and S&D proudly remains members of the UK Showmen's Guild. Over 3 decades the S&D business has evolved and has developed the sophistication and breadth of delivery. As a result we have operated in some of the most demanding regulatory environments and with some of the most demanding clients, whose customer base expects the very highest standards of delivery and presentation. As an example S&D operated throughout Europe with the F1 Renault racing team to deliver branded modern amusements alongside the F1 calendar. This demanded exacting, on time delivery and involved continual transit in accordance with the F1 timetable and calendar. Naturally the demands of health and safety, reputation and risk management were of the highest standard as S&D operated under the Renault brand. Other examples where S&D were selected to represent other brands are BAE Systems, Royal Air Force, Red Arrows (from 1990 until 2008 S&D Leisure operated the largest fleet of mobile entertainment simulators in Europe from their headquarters in Manchester including “blue chip” branded rigs), Sony Corporation, where we were granted licenses under exacting specifications.

We believe that the technical competence of S&D is second to none in the ability to understand, design and deliver bespoke operations that ‘fit the clients scenario’, examples of this include our trailer mounted mobile bar facility that enables a fully functional and weather proof hospitality bar to be operational and removable within a matter of hours of access to site. The unit was built by S&Ds own technicians, and is fully operable and serviceable by the onsite operating team. Also attractions such as log cabins, a mobile German Bar and Catering.

S&Ds unique strength lies and first class provision of animatronics and specialist bespoke amusements. These items are either manufactured to S&Ds individual specification or manufactured in our own facility….thus, our clients can enjoy unique elements of delivery that will make your event demonstrably different from any other location (within both the UK and Europe), and can be individually designed to ‘fit’ your location.

S&D Leisure's commitment to the local community is very strong and is a member of several committees within the town who actively support these local charities:

Local Schools and community groups

Sponsors of:


Not Flying

What does this mean?
Due to adverse weather conditions the balloon is not currently flying, existing ticket holders please call to arrange another booking.

S & D Leisure Ltd reserve the right to suspend or cancel flying at any time for operational or safety reasons


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